We're better together

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ive heard that if you say ”camren” 3 times in front of your mirror you can hear lauren’s voice whispering ”i have a boyfriend”

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Lauren Jauregui reactions…

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Normani Kordei: 🍟 can I get some ketchup wit dat !

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2009 - 2014

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Fifth Harmony

This is the reason I got sucked in to this godamn fandom! Also…special thanks to Boyce Avenue for their contribution to my down fall. Damn it!

Favourite things are as follows:

The fucking harmonies in ‘A Thousand Years’…can we please talk about them for a minute?

'Anything Can Happen' in general but especially Dinah's solo. Sweet Jesus…Side note: Camila's 'I know it's gonna be'…just….nope…

Dinah’s part in ‘Skyscraper.’ Ugh…perfect.

Ally’s fucking high note in ‘Hero’

The entirety of ‘Let It Be.’ This what literally my favourite performance of theirs from the X Factor and I normally hate the song so that’s saying something.

Camila’s solos in ‘Let It Be’ and ‘Impossible’ though…can she please just fucking stop? I can’t deal with how she changes up the arrangements of the songs…

Dinah Jane Hansen in almost every song tbh….

Lauren’s tone is just so explicit.!! its making me feel some sort of way.. 

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Q: What advice would you give other people to get them to believe in themselves?

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